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My images combine fabric, old books, tissue paper, pastels and paint. I enjoy the process of bringing together scraps and snippets from different sources, to create new landscapes. I like to create magical little worlds that are bright and dreamlike.


I am inspired by nature, but not nature exactly as is seen outside my door. I like to create a “natural” world that includes elements from myths, fairy tales and dreams. I like my art to tell a story and open a door to a new place.


My creative process is very slow and deliberate. It can take me forever to complete one, small piece of art. Each piece has many stages that include cutting, tracing, painting, gluing and varnishing. Some images contain hundreds of little scraps of paper and fabric. The process leaves my art space a huge mess!

When not making art, I love to spend time outdoors and browsing in bookshops and libraries. I live in Santa Cruz, California with my husband and son.


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